A great place to hang out with friends in Minecraft!


Server Address: mc.nguyen.org




Fun Features!

 - Free Fly Ability

 - Teleport to Wild

 - Role Play

 - Get married to other players

 - Unlimited land size, the more you play, the more land you have

 - Land Protection

 - Mob protection: Social and Hangouts with friends

 - Disguise as mobs and animals

 - Chat colors and formats

 - Ranks

 - God items

 - No Lag

 - No Grief



Vote For Free Fly Ability:

Click the links below to vote and support Molly Town! Vote rewards can be claimed instantly when you are online.

Each vote adds 8 hours of fly ability and some random gift to your inventory!

The more you vote, the more rewards you get!

 - Vote 1

 - Vote 2

 - Vote 3



- How to claim lands

- How to use Shop

- Disguise as Mobs and Animals